The Dangle


Bold.  Colourful.  Gorgeous.

Our Core and first inspired collection, colliding with bold colours and geometric shapes.

Everyday earrings that are anything but ordinary.

The Amara gold

The Amara silver

The Bella gold hearts

The Bella silver hearts

The Esme gold hexagon

The Esme rose gold hexagon

The Esme silver hexagon

The Eva

The India black triangle

The India gold triangle

The India rose gold triangle

The India silver triangle

The Iris

The Isabella L black hearts

The Isabella L gold heart

The Mabel black honeycomb

The Mabel gold honeycomb

The Mabel rose gold honeycomb

The Mabel silver honeycomb

The Mila

The Molly L gold hoops

The Molly L silver hoops

The Molly M gold hoops

The Molly M rose gold hoops

The Molly M silver hoops

The Noa black

The Noa gold

The Noa rose gold

The Nora

The Olivia black teardrop

The Olivia gold teardrop

The Olivia silver teardrop

The Poppy black diamond

The Poppy gold diamond

The Poppy silver diamond

The Savannah black leaf

The Savannah gold leaf

The Savannah rose gold leaf

The Savannah silver leaf

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